Outpatient Therapy Services in Benton, AR

We all need a little help now and then. That’s why the outpatient therapy specialists at Levi Hospital provide rehabilitation services for residents of the Hot Springs and Benton, AR, area. Whether you’re trying to get back on your feet after a surgery, start moving again after a sports injury, or build strength to avoid a fall, our outpatient therapy services can help.

Levi Hospital opened its doors to Arkansas residents in 1914, which makes us one of the longest-serving hospitals in the state. In the century that we’ve been providing medical care, we have made it our mission to provide superior services with a community touch. When you’re at Levi, you know you’re in good hands..

Rely on Our Outpatient Therapy

No matter your circumstances or condition, healing doesn't happen on its own. Our therapy specialists understand that to completely heal and grow stronger, you need someone guiding you through exercises and activities that will help you get there.

We offer many specialized services for every kind of circumstance. Take advantage of our physical therapy treatment plans so you can get moving again, whether you have a disability or a sports injury.

We offer occupational and speech therapy services for those looking to improve their daily lives, and seniors can use our balance-improvement and fall-prevention classes to feel more secure.

Our unique thermal aquatic therapy services are part of our arthritis and rehabilitation treatment, so come in for a healing soak. The thermal water program at our outpatient rehabilitation facility accommodates patients with joint replacements, back problems, injuries, and post-operative conditions, so everyone is welcome.

Don’t try to get better on your own. Let a specialist at Levi Hospital lend you a hand. To get started on your individualized treatment plan, call today at (501) 624-1281 or message us online.

Different Types of Rehabilitation Therapy Provided:

Therapy with Hot Springs National Park Thermal Water
Physical Therapy
Sports Medicine
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
Balance / Fall Prevention
Levi Physical Therapy Satellite Clinic