Arthritis Clinic, Radiology, and Laboratory

In the Levi Arthritis Treatment Program, the goal is to provide a comprehensive service for the medical rehabilitation and treatment of arthritis and related illnesses. We strive to achieve this goal through:
  • Specialized physician evaluation and follow-up by a Board Certified Rheumatologist
  • Appropriate medication therapy
  • Physical therapy to restore range of motion and function
  • Aquatic therapy in large thermally heated pool
  • Occupational therapy evaluation and treatment to improve self-care abilities, as well as provide upper extremity orthotics/adaptive equipment as needed
  • Social service support to address the emotional aspects of arthritis
  • Providing patients with insight into what their physical problems are and development of realistic expectations
  • Laboratory and radiology services
  • Inpatient and outpatient services


Doctor — Psychiatry in Hot Springs, AR
Levi Hospital provides standard diagnostic imaging as well as bone densitometry with convenient and easy scheduling.
All radiology exams including bone density must be ordered by your physician.
Please contact Andrea Whisenhunt (R)RT, Director of Radiology, at 501-622-3314 or fax 501-622-3301 for more information.



Researchers — Hospital in Hot Springs, AR
With our own laboratory, Levi hospital is able to get timely accurate results for the diagnosis and/or treatment of conditions for the residents of our community. Same day results are available on most general chemistry, general hematology (blood counts), urinalysis, basic immunology, and toxicology screenings.
If you are a patient from another doctor, the laboratory will need a written order from your physician for your lab work-up. A physical order, fax or email will be acceptable for the process to take place.